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  1. F

    Breeze cam flight logs

    So I was working on flight visualization software, that would recreate flights in digital 3D space and as data input I am taking flight logs that I have taken from my breeze drone. It has a lot of information, which is great, but one of the three most crucial ones, the height is missing, I am...
  2. WTFDproject

    Q500 (ST10+) Flight Log Retrieval

    The data contained in the Flightlog directory provides the most detailed and accurate means available to research many events that may otherwise be incorrectly diagnosed. There are many ways the flightlogs can be provided to the forum. There are many file locations and transfer techniques that...
  3. DoomMeister

    Guide to Analyzing Breeze Cam FlightLogs - Your Data is Needed

    I wanted to have a way to plot my flights with the Breeze on Google Maps/Earth, so I started exploring the data contained in the Breeze Cam FlightLog files. As I started inserting the data into Google Maps, I was finding that a lot of my files were showing the Breeze staying in the same place...

    Change Flight Log MAPS to SATELLITE view?

    After the firmware update I noticed the Flight Log App (If it was there before, I never noticed it). In the App you can view all the flights you've taken complete with maps and even stick control and orientation. I can have the maps show as below as my little drone flys around retracing my...