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  1. Dracudrone

    Possibly selling Yuneec Q500 4K TYPHOON drone, must live in Jax, FL area or willing to travel there to get.

    Hello I'm possibly considering selling my beloved Yuneec Q500 4K drone which has sat in spare bedroom for over a year now, as if still on Best Buy's shelf...LOL or cry out loud...;) You all may laugh, but I love this drone, and only fellow drone owners will understand that after a while a drone...
  2. Brenakie

    Indian River, FL Flyers

    Are there any Indian River/Treasure Coast drone flyers around the Vero area here? Wondering where the best places are to fly? Drones/planes are banned from most of the parks (if not all)... Staying away from the beaches for now, like to get a few more hours of flying under my belt. If anyone...