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Possibly selling Yuneec Q500 4K TYPHOON drone, must live in Jax, FL area or willing to travel there to get.

Aug 27, 2017
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I'm possibly considering selling my beloved Yuneec Q500 4K drone which has sat in spare bedroom for over a year now, as if still on Best Buy's shelf...LOL or cry out loud...;)

You all may laugh, but I love this drone, and only fellow drone owners will understand that after a while a drone becomes like a pet to you.
As one of my videos says (with other drone) 'You got to walk it like a dog'.

Unlike others, I've never had any issues with my drone, maybe cause I always kept it close and tight, the only issues I've had, (like others) is with batteries, but aside from batteries I could literally place drone back on shelf and could pass for new.

I got caught up in the drone mania of a few years ago, and loved it, it was like I made a new friend (not only that but when younger wanted to be a pilot, even took lessons for a while, so the drone was a way of me to continue on with fantasy, I suppose)

One odd memory is of guy coming out of their apartment in threatening way, in that thought I was with CIA or something and spying on his family, I assured them I wasn't...(we later became friends)

Why do I possibly want to sell it?

Cause if haven't flown in over a year, do to not purchasing new batteries, not sure if I ever will again.

If not for batteries going bad, it's basically brand new, no crashes, none of that stuff, although did have to send camera back once, and Yuneec kindly sent back new camera, wich is actually most amazing part of craft!!

That CAMERA...wow!!...I think that's the bulk of drones price.

1. Not willing to ship, just don't have the time to ship it, and might break while in route, just not into shipping drone.

2. Package even comes with that hand held 'steady cam'? which I never got to use...that alone worth hundreds...(stupid batteries)
(hopefully won't talk self out of selling before done with post)

3. Hasn't flown for over a year, been in dry temperature controlled environment ever since, it's gotten spoiled...

4. Paid a bit over $800.00 for it at Best Buy in Jacksonville, FL
Selling price to be discussed in my next post

5. Next post will include some pictures, and possibly some sentimental videos I took with drone.

Why do I hesitate to sell it?

1. Cause again, drone has grown on me, I never abused it, always walked it like a 'dog'.
2. Don't want to sell it to reckless buyer who one week later crashes it by flying drone outside of it's performance limits.
Like one of the Moderators or Admin said in post I read earlier "Fly the drone as if you're in it", or as if someone you love is in it, and that'll make a lot of difference.
3. Cause I know whatever discount price I sell it for, if decide to buy another one, it will be money lost.

Why do I want to sell?

1. Would use cash to fix and repair Van I have...D'oh!
The sacrifice would not be in vain.

Bottom line, I love this drone, it's become like a pet to me (don't laugh), but it has, but at the same time could use the cash to repair other parts of my life.

I never had issues with it cause I never tried being Evel Knievel with it, I flew it well below it's limits and only used it to take a few amazing pictures and videos.

People, please do not abuse your drones!

Next post will include a few fun videos and a closer look at drone...be well...


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Aug 27, 2017
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The below videos is of me having fun and being amazed at control power of Yuneec drone, especially compared to last model I had just brought...I'm like a little kid all over again, oh the memories...

I even have more videos of flight that I've just not prepped for YouTube yet.

People, treat your drones right, and they'll more than reward you with fun, sweet, memories...later

(The sound you hear in first video was music playing from BMX bike track where they were racing)
Aug 27, 2017
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Pryor to buying this drone, all other drones were 'Gone with the Wind' (pardon the pun), but you get my drift.

This was the first GPS guided drone I had ever owned, in that it kept steady in flight, regardless of the wind!

Cheaper, non GPS, Satellite connected drones drift like mad, this one does not.
This is amazing technology!

One could film a National Geographic Documentary with these Yuneec drones!
Ye baby!!

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