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  1. M

    Is my camera one that's got bad focus?

    Can anyone check my camera and tell me if it's got that out of focus issue? Otherwise The camera is not good enough for pro use. Here is a link to download a still image .dng format untouched or edited: MEGA Here's the link for a ten second video clip at 4096x2160 24P, the highest resolution...
  2. Jared

    CGO3+ service question

    After looking at the pictures posted of before/after for focusing the CGO3+, I've concluded that mine does indeed need to be focused. My question is: should I bother with sending it into Yuneec and let them do this since it's still under warranty, or just do it myself and (possibly) void the...
  3. T

    Focusing CGO3 Lens

    I focused my lens and the changes are dramatic. Before adjustment After adjustment Jpg raw after adjustment Jpg Gorgeous Here is what I did which doesn't require anything but a table or a smartphone and doesn't require you to go back and forth to a computer to compare the images. This...
  4. S

    Typhoon H Camera not focusing

    I had a slight crash landing the other day and now my camera will not focus, Please help I just got the drone 2 days ago!