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  1. A

    Can't mount to the computer and can't connect to WIFI with solid white led

    I tried to "factory reset" many times, but it didn't work for me. Yesterday, I formatted the yuneec breeze with "exFAT" type. Since this time, the problem started to happen. (Previously, I usually formatted with just "FAT" type, but it hadn't a problem) How can I fix this problem?
  2. NorthWoods

    CGO3+ SD CARD filesystem support

    Does anyone know what partition schemes and filesystems the camera supports? I am using a 128GB SD CARD, and I would like to use GPT and XFS. Which I am going to try in a minute. The card looks to have come formated with MBR and ExFAT, which is working in the camera. Does anyone have any...

    Thank you YUNEEC... I can now FORMAT in camera!

    Just did the latest firmware update and Woohoo! Thanks to Yuneec for adding two of the items I have been asking for since the release of the Typhoon H. - Being able to FORMAT your Micro SD Card in the CGO3+ camera - Being able to see & playback what I just took a video/picture of in order to...
  4. NoCoOutdoorGuys

    Mac users: Can't delete files from SD card

    So, my SD card is filling up and when I put it in my MacBook Pro I can't get delete the files. In my quest for an answer I see ally of info about formatting your SD cards in the camera you intend to use it in to avoid corruption of the card. Problem is you can't to my knowledge reformat the...