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CGO3+ SD CARD filesystem support

Jul 7, 2018
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Does anyone know what partition schemes and filesystems the camera supports?

I am using a 128GB SD CARD, and I would like to use GPT and XFS.

Which I am going to try in a minute. The card looks to have come formated with MBR and ExFAT, which is working in the camera.

Does anyone have any experience with different filesystems and how well they work?
I've always formatted my microSD cards in camera using the ST16 controller. I don't think there is a wide range of latitude here for alternative filesystems in the camera. For video you want to ensure the microSD card is rated U3.

So Black Boxing the camera. GPT does not work, so you have to use MBR.

XFS does not work.

ExFAT works.

F2FS does not work.

EXT4 does not work.

Which is what the card came pre-formatted as. I didn't even bother trying HFS+.

The ST16 does not recognize EXT4 either. I popped the card in there and formatted it.

The ST16 formatted it as FAT32. Which I had thought had a 32GB maximum partition size. But it turns out that was a limitation with the installer on Windows XP not in the filesystem itself. Which looks to be able to support 8TBs. Although, FAT32 is limited to 4GB maximum per file.

So, I am going with MBR/ExFAT.
That''s why I always format the card in the camera using the ST16. No question then about if the camera is going to record.

Honestly I don't know what you'd want to use a 128 GB card in a TH480. I've never come close to filling up a 64 GB card.
Well, the ExFAT is working fine. It is a more modern filesystem and should be a little faster than FAT32.

But for most people, I would recommend just formatting in the unit itself, unless you know what you are doing.

I was really hoping the camera would support a better filesystem. And it might, not sure what the underlying embedded OS is on the camera.

I prefer to just max out my memory. I have only done about 5 flights and I already have 30GB of data.


The ST16 is an Android tablet.

After my flights when I return home I unload the SD card to my computer (external redundant storage actually).
Yeah, I am a little surprised to see the ST16 is using Android KitKat. Which was release in 2013 and Google ended support for KitKat last October.

But I am wondering what the OS is for the CGO3+? Hmm, I haven't actually tried connecting it to my computer yet....
I wouldn't expect the CGO3+ to have an OS. Its merely a peripheral to the Yuneec software written for the Android tablet.

The ST16 and TH 480 were released to the public early in 2016. I would imagine that the choice of the Android tablet and OS and development of the Yuneec software predated that by a year or two at least.

There is little to be gained by Yuneec by keeping the OS up to date on the TH 480.
BTW, if you format the microSD card in the camera using the ST16 it is formatted ExFAT

Huh, when I formatted a 128GB SD card in the ST16 it formatted it as FAT32 not ExFAT.

What size card did you format in the ST16?

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