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  1. J

    ST16 as Universal Transmitter

    Been looking at getting building a racer FPV drone and wondering if I can program the ST16 as a universal transmitter? I know it has advanced channel settings... Can it communicate a third-party flight controller?
  2. ThunderChicken

    FPV from the Typhoon H? Yes it is possible!

    I have been researching this for a while and have not found an answer that satisfies my curiosity. I would like to be able to put hood or goggles on someone to let them see what is being videoed or photographed in real time. I know my kids and grand kids would enjoy it immensely. LOS still will...
  3. T

    HD Racer & Firebird FPV -CES 2018 Photos

    Yuneec enters new market with HD Racer and Firebird FPV
  4. F

    Looking for my first FPV drone

    Hello, i just want to get straight to the point. Also, i have to mention, this would be my first drone ever, i did flew before my friends drone but not much. I am looking for a cheap one but also easy to fly. I've been looking at some tops, some reviews. On some top, i've found this one, looks...
  5. M

    Yuneec Skyview Goggles

    Hi, I am thinking about getting some Yuneec Skyview Goggles and I believe I am in right in thinking that I only need a spotter next to me in order for myself to fly whilst using them ? Anyone have any thought about the Skyview goggles generally? I have read some of the views on this site and...
  6. E

    Crashing after clicking on FPV mode

    Hi , when im using my iPad 2017 edition with the breeze controler for flying my the Breeze it allways crashes when im clicking on the FPV symbol After the crash im on the Home screen of IOS I have got the latest version of all and ive got this problem for a half a year ago with my Handy...
  7. R

    Google cardboard app or similar

    Hi, I am looking for advise for using myQ500 4K with a nexus 6p. I want to put my phone into my Google cardboard. Is there any free apps that do this?
  8. TheDhuddist

    What's the situation with FPV on the Q500 4k?

    Are there options for an FPV setup on this drone? I would absolutely love to be able to fly with my headset (or another one, if need be) instead of the screen on the controller.
  9. B

    Drone Headset: VR or FPV?

    They come in all sizes and features. Fatshark makes one. So does Spectrum. For those not familiar with the FPV product, goggles are considered an upgrade due to a more immersive view that is unaffected by sunlight. Even those who have shortsightedness can use the goggles provided that they can...
  10. WEDWay

    Line of Site

    I am really enjoying this forum and love watching videos that have been shared. I don't have a lot to share so far, since most of my flying time has been in the same boring local park in Huntington Beach. My one time fly out in the desert resulted in varied degrees of useable video and two...
  11. Capt. Crunch

    The Yuneec Skyview Goggles Have Landed!

    SkyView is an enclosed FPV headset compatible with Typhoon H, and Tornado H920. As you operate the camera, you see exactly what the drone sees, as if you were on board. Designed to be ergonomic and durable, SkyView features an adjustable headband and can accommodate users who wear glasses. The...
  12. T

    Q500+ and FPV Googles?

    Hi....I found some googles that say it will work on my Yuneec Q500+ (....you can found them on this link: Alibaba Manufacturer Directory - Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers ) now to my question.....DOES it work?
  13. R

    No data on st 10+ FPV file

    I know there are license issues that make the video trigger on the st 10 not work with a GoPro, but does anyone know if that also prevents storage of FPV video on the st10 micro sd card? I have never had any data in the FPV file, having used multiple SD cards and st 10+ controllers. TM and...