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  1. echipare

    Typhoon H Antennas

    I finally received my Typhoon H 3 antenna kit. 1.) I'm planning to re-modify my radio tx, for best result, how many inches is needed for the spacing of each antenna? 2.) I also have a 3DR solo, will these 2 Half Sphere LHCP work on the Radio tx? 3.) If you view the 2 Half Sphere LHCP...
  2. Omar Dairky


    I am not a retailer but I have an extra set of FPVLR antena range extending antennas so i will sell them for $90 and we can do this through paypal...pls US only to keep shipping low..any takers?
  3. S

    Installing FPVLR Basic Antenna Kit

    Hi guys! So I got my antennae in and took my ST10+ on a two hour drive to have it installed by a "professional". I got home and tested it and got less than 200 feet of range before video cut out. Needless to say, I was pissed. I opened up the ST10+ (terrifyingly) and examined the "job" that...
  4. Ian Palmer

    FPVLR longe-range antenna for ST16

  5. S

    Fpvlr coupon code?

    Does anyone have a fpvlr coupon code or know where to buy them in the US?
  6. Sage I

    FPVLR Antenna

    Have tried out the new antennas a few times, and I haven't had much luck. I start lagging and losing feed anywhere between 900ft-1500ft. Always pointed in the right direction, double check that I have them on the right connections, super clear weather, lots of satellite, I can't think of...