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Typhoon H Antennas

May 9, 2017
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I finally received my Typhoon H 3 antenna kit.

1.) I'm planning to re-modify my radio tx, for best result, how many inches is needed for the spacing of each antenna?
2.) I also have a 3DR solo, will these 2 Half Sphere LHCP work on the Radio tx?
3.) If you view the 2 Half Sphere LHCP closely, the wiring on the left is thicker than the one on the right and is different in color, which one is better to use if I'm just going to use one half sphere and one whip antenna on my radio tx?
4.) The ones on my H are modded RP-SMA, I can fit any type antenna, which one is better? Whip antenna or a 2.4 RHCP Clover antenna to increase range? or should I get LHCP clover instead?


The ones here are 2.4Ghz RHCP clover antenna. I placed the rp-sma on the sides instead of the traditional bottom that are found on the net. Was thinking of getting an LHCP clover but maybe for now I'll just use a whip antenna.

Bigger view. The wiring of the antennas on the left is thicker than on the right.
BTW, I think one of the antenna I received is RHCP, which one is LHCP and which one is RHCP
It would be interesting to know why you are attempting to modify your antennas so much? I believe that most people find the standard antennas are good enough for VLOS flight.
You have bought LHCP antennas for the ST16 and have RHCP antennas on the H. If the antennas were high quality, you would get very poor reception as the circular polarisation is designed to reject the opposite circular polarisation.
May I suggest a bit more research will help you in your quest? There is good info in this forum or to cover the basics, I suggest FPV Antenna Theory Beginner's Guide - Propwashed is a good start.
Yep; one of those antennae is left hand polarized, the other is right. The ideal method of using those is to use them on the receiver, while using a more omnidirectional linear polarization antenna on the aircraft. Reason being is that those circularly polarized antennae have a more directional pattern, and it's far easier to keep them pointed towards the aircraft than putting one or both on the aircraft and keeping it pointed at the controller.
But everyone knows wire antennas perform better, right?[emoji12]. Truly, improving performance is more than throwing a bunch of loose parts together.
Thanks for the inputs and link. The only reason why I put those antennas is for a little assurance and it was both fun to me putting them together as well as flying.
Fun putting together I can understand.
The standard antennae on H and ST are strong enough to fly it as far away as the battery lasts including the coming back home. So flying further will provide more hazards then only flying illegally.
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Very True. I wasn't planning to fly illegally, just a peace of mind while having fun. [emoji106]

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