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  1. E

    GB603 with H920 Plus?

    Joe in the chat box on Vertigo Drones said: "So they are not compatible because that gimbal works with the ST24 and not the ST16." Can anyone confirm that? Thanks, Randolph
  2. Breizhdrone

    CES 2017, GH5, Tornado news

    Hi, CES Homepage: http://www.ces.tech There are rumors for Yuneec about updates for Tornado H920 !!!! Follow on Yuneec Webiste the next days: https://www.yuneec.com Do the new Panasonic GH5 mirrorless micro four fit with GB603 gimbal of the Tornado H920 ...
  3. Breizhdrone

    Tornado H920, GB603 & Sony A7 serie

    Hello, Do you know how adapt GB603 gimbal for H920 with Sony Alpha 7 camera serie ? Which equipment to adapt and which connector on Wireless downlink LK58 box for the IR port and balancer on the gimbal ? I don't find a Yuneec reference for that.... Thank you by advance for your help...