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gimbal issue

  1. M

    Camera Gimbal Not Working and Gimbal Mount

    Hello! I have a Yuneec Q500 Typhoon and it has a CGO2GB Camera/Gimbal. When my Q500 is turned on the CGO2GB does not stabilize and does not function other than video. It has a green light but is making a beeping pattern of two slow and three fast beeps. I see no disconnected wires and am unsure...
  2. J

    Client Turned on dron with Gimbal Cover still on

    Hey guys! today a client called me because his camera gimbal wasnt tilting/panning, thought it could be a settings problem till he told me he turned on the drone with the gimbal cover on, when i turned the drone without the cover the gimbal cant do the classic calibration, im gussing the gears...
  3. C

    Getting shaky footage on new Typhoon H Plus

    Hi everyone. A month ago I purchased a Typhoon H Plus while I was on vacation. When I got home a few days ago and watched the footage, I found out that whenever the camera was tilted more than 45° down, the shots got very shaky. I also got the same effect if I used sport mode and went fast. The...
  4. byronaneal

    Gimbal Goes Crazy

    I have been having this intermittent problem for a while. The drone and camera start up normal. After a couple of minutes the gimbal goes nuts and yaws and pitches the camera around stupid fast. I have tried to get a video of the action but when I have a camera ready, it never happens. It is...
  5. C

    CGO2+ gimbal error codes

    I had a minor crash with my Q500+ and the camera and gimbal popped off.....and the frame had some minor damage which I was able to repair using JB Weld. The camera still works and I can control turning it on and off from the ST10+ controller.....however when the gimbal boots up....it just...
  6. H

    e90 gimbal issue

    Can anyone shed light on this issue....when I turn on power switch on 520, unit boots up then gimbal goes into its leveling sequence and jiggles and dies before completion and starts emitting three beeps and flashing green light on camera. although camera just lies there limp and lifeless all of...
  7. RichA

    Do you have a damaged E90?

    If any of you H520 flyers out there have damaged your E90 camera, I might be interested in it. So, if it has mechanical or optical damage and you don't have any use for it, I might be able to provide it a good home and a new lease on life! Here's some background - I'm keen on buying an H520...
  8. SevenTypesOfDumb

    Camera shows video on screen, but no camera control.

    I have searched these threads and can't find anyone with this problem, so maybe it's just me. I went to use the H last night record my daughter's high school marching band and I could get the video image on the controller, but there was absolutely NO control for the gimbal panning or the...