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  1. sdsurf86

    A better gimble

    Guys i am new to the typhoon and this site so please excuse me if this is a duplicated thread, but I was wondering if I could get anyone’s recommendations on a better gimble to switch out my current stock one. It’s a great drone and everything but I wanted something that could zoom in and out...
  2. Robert007


    my camera works good, until I turn the pan knob , it then won't stop panning slowly in a circle.I tried to change modes of smart and angle , also gimble pan and tilt mode .it seems to stop is when I reset the Hexacopter.
  3. T

    Q500 Minor Crash - CGO3 Problem (PLEASE HELP!)

    I had a minor crash yesterday. Nothing broke except a prop. The gimble wires also became detached. I didn't think anything of it and merely plugged in the cord from the bird to the gimble that came with it when purchased. Everything fired up fine. The CGO3 calibrated perfectly. I took it back...