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  1. G

    Hi from Ohio

    Just signed up for the forum today. I have only been flying drone since March 2019. I currently fly for some of my work duties. I fly a Typhoon H. It is our first and only drone at the moment. The main reasons I fly is to collect imagery, asset inspections on water towers, damage assessments...
  2. S

    Hi folks

    Hi folks from Birmingham England had Typhoon 500/500+ and now have T 4K also just bought Typhoon h plus just wanted to say hi
  3. MBurgunder

    Hello from FL, looking for some help diving into the nitty-gritty of things

    Hello there, I'm Mitch, a software engineer from Melourne, FL. I'm essentially brand new to drones, just started getting into things a month ago. I have my hands on a Mantis Q drone that I'm looking to control using a computer application that implements MAVSDK (formerly known as...