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  1. AeroJ

    Interactive Panorama Tutorial

    Here's a fairly in-depth tut on creating Panoramas with the H/H+. Work in progress, so will be adding more details / screenies in due course. There are several stages to making a working online interactive panoramic photo like this one. These are: 1. Taking the Panorama photos on the UAV 2...
  2. AeroJ

    Spin Panorama

    Finally getting the workflow nailed for this sort of thing. Here is a massively unimpressive panoramic I took during yesterday's flights, shamefully near the ground (I wanted to see what the camera was up to before I sent it anywhere impressive) but we have at least got it working, and without...
  3. trailrunnerx

    Icy Connecticut River Central CT from Typhoon H

    Took a quick shot of the ice jam currently near my home, need to figure out how to make my videos more dynamic, think maybe slide the control closer to "rabbit" lol
  4. P

    Färjsundet, Åland (Cut version)

    Finally got around to cutting the video I posted previously and I also added quite a bit of effects to the video. In retrospect I should probably have trimmed another half minute or so from the video but you'll just have to live with one scene beeing a bit too long. ;-)
  5. P

    Uncut video of my low light winter sunset flight this afternoon on my home island.

  6. B

    small footage from Iceland taken with H

    this is from the glacier vatnajökull and surroundings this is from first flight of Typhoon H between continents USA and EU
  7. P

    Ice on wooded meadow.

    Hi! Tõramaa wooded meadow. More info: Ice fields of Soomaa Best regards.
  8. P

    Lake ice.

    Best regards!
  9. P

    Where ice meets land


    Ice on the Typhoon H

    This morning I woke up to ice on my car. It was -1 Celcius (30 degrees Fahrenheit). I wanted to catch the sunrise along the water so I took the Typhoon out to the beach. The water was much warmer than the air which created an interesting low cloud formation. I flew out to film the rising...