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  1. Copper Angel

    which ipad or other tablet to buy so I can use the SteadyGrip

    I just received my Q500 4K today. As I was afraid would be the case, my Asus Memo Pad is NOT compatible with the CGO3 app. I really want to use the SteadyGrip! That was a big selling point for me in choosing this quadcopter. I would very much appreciate advice on which ipad or other tablet to...
  2. Chris McMillan

    Can we use iPad with the "H"?

    Does anyone know if you can use an iPad (or any device) as a second controller - primarily video/photos - for the Typhoon H. I understand Yuneec are saying you can make use of an ST10, but I'm thinking you could use an iPad in the same way as, I believe, you can on the Q500's. Anyone got some...