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  1. B

    JPGs getting Corrupted

    Recently having issues with random corrupted jpeg images. Any suggestions as to the cause? Just did a check, in Lightroom, the dng files do not seem to have the issue. These are taken with a CG03+ on an H.
  2. P

    Breeze 4K only takes 5-7MP jpgs?

    Hi all, I have tried a number of settings on my new Breeze, but I must be doing something wrong, as my jpgs always come out between 5-7MP and not the specified 13MP jpgs advertised everywhere. Can someone please advise what settings they have their drone and phone in, so as to take 13MP jpg...
  3. Ty Pilot

    CG03+ DNG - JPG Comparison & Video

    A couple weeks ago we we're shooting a property that was a somewhat difficult job. For one, the house was surrounded by trees which made the aerial part tough from a flying standpoint but also the realtor asked me to get a specific shot showing the front entrance garden and landscaping and in...
  4. Rubik

    My Favorite Place to Fly

    This was shot late in the day with my Typhoon H and CGO3+ camera. Note the rush hour commute backup and Mt. Rainier on the left. The TH is 400' above ground. There is still a slight haze due to forest fires nearby. You can see how we are losing good valley bottom farmland to industrial...
  5. Rubik

    jpg vs dng

    This is a really hard subject to discuss on this forum. I can't show you my .dng files without converting them to .jpg. In fact, I've found that the viewing software has a significant impact on the quality of the picture that I see. For example, in Windows 10, I have "Windows Photo Viewer"...

    VIDEO Camera Features - Histogram, Burst, Timelapse, Panoramic, Exposure, File Format

    I had to time play with the new camera settings on Sunday and put together this video showing all the new camera features on the Typhoon H.