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  1. JulesTEO

    Fun afteroon with Typhoon H & GoPro Karma

    About a month ago a friend of mine decided to purchase a GoPro Karma as his first "high-end" UAV, and he asked me for some "training" before trying to fly on his own. After a few practice flights on backyards and small parks, we decided to go out to the open to have some unrestricted fun. We...
  2. B

    No Go in Go Pro

    Sad news for drone aficionados. Go Pro has cut 270 jobs on top of the other job cuts which was the result of an ailing Karma release. Is it me or is possible that putting drones out on a consumer market is not easy?

    At least the Typhoon H didn't get recalled... But Karma just did!

    About 2,500 buyers will now have either the Typhoon H to buy or the DJI Mavic Pro.... Yuneec could benefit from this. GoPro just announced a recall of its first-ever drone, the $799 Karma. Approximately 2,500 Karma units sold since October 23rd (meaning all of them) are impacted. GoPro says...

    Are you a "selfie drone pilot" or a full fledged drone pilot?

    Looks like the world of Selfie Drones is heating up. For people who like to travel or do sport/adventurous activies, the selfie drone has found a home. Selfie Drones are not like our Typhoon. They don't have the range, payload, In-depth controller, battery flight time or cool features but...