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No Go in Go Pro

Jan 16, 2017
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Sad news for drone aficionados. Go Pro has cut 270 jobs on top of the other job cuts which was the result of an ailing Karma release. Is it me or is possible that putting drones out on a consumer market is not easy?

It's quite possible, but given the technical innovation that's happening in this space, you can't do what GoPro did and just shove out a product and assume that your brand will carry it.
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In a rush to put out a product before the competition does, results in a half baked product that has not had enough testing before release. I have seen this with many companies from small to large. I don't know why companies take this route, rather than waiting to have a near perfect product that will sell its self based on quality. I doubt they will be around long.
It takes a top notch innovative "strike team" to take a drone from paper to production in an eight month time frame. Longer than eight months and it will be obsolete before it hits the market. The technology in this field changes so fast that anything on the production line is already subject to upgraded components and price drops by the time the first 100,000 units are on the shelves. Bloated companies with arrogant attitudes and overpriced products are doomed from the start. They are simply unable to adapt quickly because they keep the decision making at the top. Success requires decisions be made at the technician level while management stays with "path clearing" to keep progress moving forward. That is what I see with companies like Go Pro.
I think Gopro's problems began with the release of the Hero 3, that thing was full of bugs and it took about nine months until they put out the 3+ before they got it right, by then the competition had them in their sight's.
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