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  1. Michael Brown

    Flying in the rain!

    Is there any way to outfit the H to fly in rain? I would love to get a shot in rain...no wind...big drops...I want to add lights to the drone to capture the rain drops and slowly descend on a subject. I would need to add lights to the H, as well as waterproof it right?
  2. S

    H flashing purple-white-yellow... uhhhh???

    Hey Gang, I was taking the H out for the first time in 2 weeks after getting a fix from 3rd party shop in Rochester, NY (authorized spot by Yuneec) and we did a test flight there too afterward. But now I'm taking it out and it's giving me this: purple-white-yellow flashing on the rear. Arm...
  3. Chris McMillan

    Idea for Navigation lights on the H

    This subject could have come up on another forum, so apologies if it has. Having a fair bit of time on my hands in a non flying sense, I started to consider what some newer flyers (me too) have raised as a potential problem. That is working out the orientation of the craft at distance...