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lipo battery care

  1. P

    Battery lifespan?

    Hi, which has the biggest impact on the H batteries lifespan? Age or nbr om charges/discharges? I have 3 Yuneec original and one Giffi 8050mA. They are all almost 3 years now and none is yet puffing or drained/flewn under 14.5.
  2. uidzero

    Battery woes

    So I'm still a relative newbie on the Typhoon H scene.. yes I've had my Typhoon for a little over a year but really I've probably clocked around 50 hours of flight time. First world problems I suppose... Anyway, I noticed when I bought my Typhoon H and later another replacement battery that...
  3. rdonson

    LiPo battery care

    There have been some comments and questions recently about proper care of LiPo batteries such as the ones we use in our Typhoon H aircraft. This article does a very good job of providing insight into these batteries and guidance on maintenance of them. There are a number of good chargers...