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  1. Brenakie

    Venom Pro Duo Charger Settings for the Q

    Hi all, Watched a few videos and read a few articles, the more I watched and read the more overloaded I got :confused: Looking for a little advice, wondering what your LiPo settings are? I'm running 2 different batteries: 1) 5400mAh/11.1V/59.9Wh 2) 6300mAh/11.1V/70Wh Right now I'm defaulted...
  2. Breizhdrone

    Project of heater LiPo batteries bag for drones

    Hello, I propose you to read an online article dealing with a project of heater LiPo batteries bag for drones or electronic equipments from this page of my blog: Sac chauffe-batteries pour drones en hiver There are many pictures and you could use Google tools to translate...
  3. SkyVidTek

    ***SOLD***ISDT-D2 Smart Balance 2ch Charger

    *** PRICE DROP AGAIN NOW $65*** *** Price Drop Now $75*** This is a great benchtop charger for your Yuneec - LiPo or any other types of batteries as it has full functionality on 2 channels independently. Charge/discharge/store functions. 2.4" Multi-color display for different functions. AC power...
  4. CzarMark

    Breeze Battery Storage

    I've been reading a great deal about proper battery storage for optimal battery life. There seems to be a lot of information for many Yuneec products, but not the Breeze. As this is the first winter since I purchased my Breeze and I live in Northeastern Wisconsin, I don't think I'll have many...
  5. SkyVidTek

    SOLD! Q500 Morpilot Flight Packs (2)

    These 6300mah 11.1v Flight packs for the Q500 have only 5 charge cycles on each and have always been put in "storage" mode with an advanced charger. They claim longer run times than the stock battery and I can verify that I was getting 2-3 minutes on average more per flight than the stock packs...
  6. T

    steady grip mod

    has anyone here tried this mod for their SteadyGrip? How to: Simple Lipo upgrade for the Steadygrip, tripple run time basically use a Zippy flightmax 1000mah 3s 25 battery instead of AA batteries. can i use the Yuneec 3s charger to charge up the Zippy? please help. update ===== after reading...
  7. B

    Steady Grip LiPo Battery Mod

    I'm a new Q500 4k pilot and am having trouble with low voltage in the Steady Grip batteries, and came across this lipo mod: How to: Simple Lipo upgrade for the Steadygrip, tripple run time Has anyone in this forum tried this, and if so what was the results?