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live streaming

  1. P

    Viewing stream on laptop

    I have a Typhoon H Plus with a C23 camera and a ST16S controller. Can you hook a windows 10 laptop to the controller to see your flight when flying.
  2. G

    ST16 screen streaming

    I need to transfer the screen of the ST16 to computer windows, as an input for OBS. Does anyone have suggestions?
  3. Pilgrim23

    Good Monitor for live streaming

    Hi, I'm doing a lot more out in the sticks work. I need a decent monitor, prob about 27" ? That can be placed on the tailgate of my vehicle and conect to my Yuneec ST16S via hdmi, for live streaming. Also is the stream at 720 or 1080 ? I don't think much point in spending a fortune for a 4k as...
  4. R

    iOS iPhone 7plus

    so I bought the breeze & have tried to see where the stream live option is at but I can’t find it. I have everything up to date and seen countless videos but to no avail. Anyone have any idea how I can get it to update to that version?
  5. ThunderChicken

    FPV from the Typhoon H? Yes it is possible!

    I have been researching this for a while and have not found an answer that satisfies my curiosity. I would like to be able to put hood or goggles on someone to let them see what is being videoed or photographed in real time. I know my kids and grand kids would enjoy it immensely. LOS still will...
  6. M

    No WiFi/ live video on ST16

    After a normal flight with live and captured video with my Typhoon H, it suddenly lost live video when started up for the next flight. There was no "trying to connect to camera" warning at the top of the screen like usual. Checking the setting revealled that the ST16 WiFi was off. It I turned...

    YouTube Streaming Video NOT ready for Prime Time?

    I thought I would test streaming a live feed. Results were pretty poor to say the least. Anyone else have these issues?