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  1. D

    H520E don't connect DataPilot Planner (Win Desktop)

    I tried to download the ULOG files via USB from the drone to my laptop as one the video tutorial I found in a thread here suggested - but with no success. I tried several USB cables...without the battery in the drone, then with battery inside and then with the drone turned off and also turned...
  2. F

    Breeze cam flight logs

    So I was working on flight visualization software, that would recreate flights in digital 3D space and as data input I am taking flight logs that I have taken from my breeze drone. It has a lot of information, which is great, but one of the three most crucial ones, the height is missing, I am...
  3. C

    Suddenly crash

    Dear all, Some days ago my typhoon suddenly stop all of the rotors, and the drone was dropped. Can you check my log files, because I want to know it was a pilots fault, or a drone malfunction? Regards, Csati
  4. M

    Lesson on Telemtry data. Useful for Pilot log book?

    Anyone know how to use the telemetry data to fill out a pilots log book say a week after a flight. You know, for those lazy days where you just want to get home for a beer and forget to fill out the days flights.