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lost drone

  1. C


    Any advice to recover a lost drone would be appreciated. Went outside my house and flew over my neighborhood for practice and was about to bring the drone back from a couple of blocks away. I switched to home since I saw battery was getting low and it was in my sight. Suddenly the receiver drops...
  2. Eric

    Signal loss... And now what ?

    What happend if I loose contact with my typhoon H (to far, to height) ? Will it come back home alone ? Do I have something to do, or just wait ? Anyone has tested that ?
  3. E

    Lost Drone

    Yesterday I lost my Yuneec Q500 4k drone, it took off normally but after a couple of minutes at 150 ft the drone lost GPS signal and stopped responding to the ST10, I hit the HOME switch but nothing happened I just lost visual contact and after a few minutes all camera signal. How can I find out...