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  1. M

    purple 'angle' indicator, intermittent GPS and does not want to land!

    Hello all, I am in need of the font of all knowledge on this forum. My Typhoon H (RS) is around 16 months old, apart from my finger and switch troubles as a newbie and sweating a bit of blood getting software updates to take it has always been perfect in every way. So, it has been in storage...
  2. D

    B4k. Went crazy and flew away. NO GPS + minimum height/speed

    Today I was flying the breeze 4k in a little football field. I wanted to try the flight with the "indoor" mode and I calibrated it with the minimum height, speed and distances. I disabled the GPS so it could fly slowly. I used an iPhone 7 as the control. I took it off the ground and it flew for...
  3. B


    From Yuneec Tech Support - A Reset Feature. See my reply below. I apologize for the late reply, we have been having some systematic errors here on our end. I have read your email and was going to let you know that you can try doing the reset on the Breeze unit if you'd like. What you would have...
  4. C

    Autopilot software (GPS) Q500, Q5004K

    Autopilot software. Like many of you I was hoping that Yuneec would have considered releasing a download for the Q500 enabling it to have the capability to use GPS and fly with autopilot. I would like to know if a program was designed giving the Q500 this ability would other Typhoon owners be...