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mavic pro

  1. T

    Wanna trade a Yuneec H plus for my Mavic pro?

    Hello, My name is Terry. I have a mavic pro drone that's 15 months old. It has never been crashed and I've taken extremely good care of it. I have 3 batteries, a Frewell hard case, and 3 nd filters for it. The batteries have been charged/discharged 43 times. I rotate batteries so they are all...
  2. T

    Mavic pro for typhoon!

    I have a mavic pro drone with the fly more combo and a Freewell case I would like to trade for a Yuneek typhoon h or h520. It's in 100% perfect condition, NEVER crashed, flawless drone.

    Typhoon H & Mavic Pro.

    I've had the Mavic Pro for about a week now. I can't really compare it to the Typhoon H as it's in a different drone class. I must admit that I do like it (it surpassed my expectations). It has different features than the Typhoon which means it's useful in situations where you can maximize...
  4. DrP

    Talk me out of a DJI.

    Gents, I've been a fan of the Typhoon line for over a year now, never missing a chance to look down my nose at a DJI flyer. It's time to augment my fleet with a newer model, and I haven't been able to talk myself out of the new DJI Mavic Pro. It wins on portability, and just about every...