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micro sd

  1. Seerabike

    Micro SD card in Typhoon H Plus camera

    First time posting! Received my Typhoon H Plus a few weeks ago and no matter what I did I couldn't get the base station to recognize that the micro sd in the camera. I tried 3 different cards. I even bought a 128gb as the instructions say, "max/min 128gb". All to no avail. I finally called...
  2. arruntus

    Micro SD problem. What Micro SD buy?

    I'm going to refuel a post that talk about the subject in order to get into it. Thx Bob520 The manual says the following. I bought this card. Samsung EVO Plus 128GB MicroSDXC With SD Adapter I put it in the camera and the ST16S immediately upon power-up tells me that there is no Micro SD...

    Thank you YUNEEC... I can now FORMAT in camera!

    Just did the latest firmware update and Woohoo! Thanks to Yuneec for adding two of the items I have been asking for since the release of the Typhoon H. - Being able to FORMAT your Micro SD Card in the CGO3+ camera - Being able to see & playback what I just took a video/picture of in order to...