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mission planner

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    H520 altitude in image metadata

    Hello. I would appreciate some advice please with this recent issue; On two recent site mapping missions (just for visuals - no GCPs) where I have had to change a battery mid-mission, the images from each part of the mission show different altitudes in their metadata (when looking at the image...
  2. E

    Is anybody using UgCS for missions

    Hi all, is anybody using UGCS for missions and does it allow for mapping orbital missions?
  3. A

    Mission mode?

    New here, so my apologizes if it had been asked before. What I'm interested in knowing is if any plans to introduce a mission plan flying mode in future. It basically involves flying the drone along a preprogrammed path defined by a set of GPS coordinates. It's also called waypoints. Since the...
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    Mission Planner 4 Typhoons??

    Hi All--I'm thinking of getting a Yuneec G. My question is: do the Typhoon's use a 3rd party GCS type software like Mission Planner so waypoints etc can be set? Will Yuneec supply one? Thanks ALL in advance.