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  1. S1lent

    Increase connectivity range, antenna mod.

    Hi guys, I was flying my drone yesterday, and I noticed that my connection tends to be quite fragile, even flying in an open area. After a meter of 150m, my drone even dc'd once and flew back, but has no trouble of going into the air 270 meters straight from the spot it departed. Anyway, when...
  2. echipare

    Typhoon H Antennas

    I finally received my Typhoon H 3 antenna kit. 1.) I'm planning to re-modify my radio tx, for best result, how many inches is needed for the spacing of each antenna? 2.) I also have a 3DR solo, will these 2 Half Sphere LHCP work on the Radio tx? 3.) If you view the 2 Half Sphere LHCP...