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motor failure

  1. R

    motor stall after crashing

    my breeze drone motor stall after crashing , i replaced the motor and did reset as well but non of them didnt work. can anybody help me?
  2. Steve Carr

    In flight failure

    I called Yuneec to alert them to a flawed firmware update. They said it was impossible and that I pressed B1 which shut down the motors. They refused to look at the telemetry which clearly showed the problem. The failure occurred on final descent with yaw to the right at the same time. It...
  3. jazzman81

    I Need Troubleshooting Help - Motor Failure During Flight

    I was flying my hex, it was in a low hover, about 30 meters up and about 30 meters behind me... there was a light breeze. Out of no where, I got an error stating the drone was in 5 motor operation mode. I had never seen or heard of this happening so I didn't believe message. The drone was behind...