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  1. R

    Compatibility of Q500 4k motors and battery with FC and ESCs of other brands

    Hallo, I am new to the forum and am using a q500 for a limited time/purpose. I know that almost everything in the drone only works with parts from Yuneec. But I was wandering, weather at least the motors and the battery could be used with a flight controller and ESCs from a different...
  2. Strange Steve

    New Breeze: motors won't start

    A bargain ain't a bargain unless the danged thing works! Bought a Breeze at Flagstaff Walmart for $142 last Thursday. Friday it snowed, Saturday headed back to Albuquerque. The next day I tried to fly the Breeze indoors with GPS disabled (using iPhone 6 and Breeze Cam App), but the MOTORS...
  3. T

    Motor won't start blue red light flashing

    I am very new to the typhoon h I acquired it pretty cheap knowing that there was some problems with it and I have found that the GPS is definitely bad because I cannot calibrate the compass and it will not acquire GPS signal.. from all the threads that I have read the propeller should be able to...
  4. D

    typhoon H motor problem?

    when I run the motor test it sounds like the motors all sound the same but one or two have a different sound. Anyone else have this experience when testing the motors. I did remove the blades...
  5. J

    Question re. Motors

    i just received my Typhoon H from a reputable hobby store as an open-box and unfortunately a couple of switches broke on the ST16 in shipping, so I am about to send it back for replacement (which they have been really great about), but in the meantime I place the TH on my patio to connect to...
  6. K

    Motors quit in flight

    I thought I would post and let everyone know that I started flying my H today and at about 10' or so, with the landing gear still down, all of the motors just quit. It dropped to the ground, breaking the camera and landing gear. I wasn't touching anything on the controller. I know what you...