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Compatibility of Q500 4k motors and battery with FC and ESCs of other brands

Feb 23, 2024
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I am new to the forum and am using a q500 for a limited time/purpose.
I know that almost everything in the drone only works with parts from Yuneec.
But I was wandering, weather at least the motors and the battery could be used with a flight controller and ESCs from a different manufacturer? Maybe even the camera (without gimbal)?
And if so, could anyone give a recommendation which FC and ESCs could work? (Obviously 3S compatible ones I assume)

I searched but did not find anything on this issue specifically.

Best Regards
Q500 motors are standard brushless motors 700kV. It will work with any brushless ESC 20A or more (maybe 10A also but I would not go with it). I know that mor powerful H920 motors working with 35A ESCs. The flight controller must be able to set up the PID values for the frame-motor-propeller combination you will have. With other words, it must be configurable. I don't see any other limitation.
Motor - propeller combination is more important. Propeller must fit 700kV motors.
The battery is a common 3S LiPo battery with standard EC3 connector. It has a overload protection, no other "smart" functions. Also not limitation to use it for other purposes.
CGO3 camera without gimbal must be supplied with 5V, 2.5A (better more). CGO3+ uses a TPS5450 step-down-converter which in 5A peak.
The camera is controlled with HTTP CGI commands via 5GHz WiFi. For Android there is a CGO app to do this with mobile phone or tablet. For iOS maybe to, I don't know.

br HE
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For iOS use the CGO app to control CGO3 or CGO3+ cameras.

On Android it is the CGO3 app and you may need to use earlier versions of the app to get functionality. APK repositories house older versions. I know APKPure has all versions that were released.

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