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  1. Lucas Galli

    No fly zones discrepancy

    Hello everybody! Before anything I apologize for the (yet again) long post, but I think some context is needed. Since I bought my Typhoon H I had only perfomed bench tests and one take off test at an empty parking lot. Yesterday I tried, for the first time, to make a proper flight test in an...
  2. CayBob

    NFZ - Am I nuts?

    I have filled out the form and received a personal information file in return from Yuneec. I downloaded the instruction sheet from the kink I received in the NFZ unluck email. Bought a WINDOWS10 laptop since my MAC with Parallels with WIN10 would not work. Uploaded drivers and software...

    Help needed

    Gentlemen. I need you help. Yunnec claims I'm in a NFZ here: Latitude: 55.397121 | Longitude: 12.841528 I've checked with the Swedish authorities Luftfartsverket (LFV.SE) and I don't see that I'm violate any NFZ! Official Swedish Drone Map: LFV Please check the confirm the coordinates above...
  4. Eagle's Eye Video

    Los Alamos Labs takes it a step beyond simply NFZ

    And in local news... Los Alamos nuke lab deploys drone-disabling system
  5. M

    No Fly Zone Update Problem

    Hey, all! I searched, but couldn't find an answer, so here's my situation for you gurus to ponder... As a Part 107 pilot, I needed to disable the NFZ restriction in my Typhoon H, so I downloaded the NFZ files and GUI to use on Windows 10. The GUI successfully connects and displays all the...
  6. T

    More No Fly Questions

    I'm new to this Quad, and am having some erratic flight issues, and live under a Class 'C' surface footprint. I'm using firmware version q500_stm32_main_06_05_2015_noairport.bin just to get the motors turning. Does anyone know if there are major differences between that version and version...
  7. Wileytrigger21

    Small airports and nfz

    Does anybody know if the smaller airports are included in the NFZ's programmed in the H?
  8. I

    Macau's NFZ

    Hello , I am doing a research that I want to buy Typhoon G from Hong Kong and play at Macau. But I have heard that the Non flying zone in Macau is very big, big enough to cover all area in Macau. I have checked Adminitration website that drone under 7kg can fly without restriction except...
  9. A

    Yuneec UK NFZ

    Anyone know where I can a list or map of the Yuneec No Fly Zones for the UK? The reason I ask, I've previous been able to take off on a site with my Q500+ that a friends DJI P3P wouldn't allow him too. Do they share the same NFZs?