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  1. H

    LSD effect - light painting with drone

    Today for the first time i've tried light painting with drone, here is few best shots i've got. Camera: Lumix G7 / 12mm / f 3.5 Shutter: 60 seconds ISO: 200-800 Next time i'll go with some kind of subject, also didn't took CGO3+ today and after 3 years of using H480 i'v learned...
  2. S

    Night photos

    Hello, can you upload night shots from the drones, are you happy with the camera, how does it handle night time in manual mode?
  3. P

    Under the cold light of the moon rests a small town

  4. P

    Night time tests of camera (CG03+)

    Yesterday I went out after the storm had subsided. I've had the Typhoon for quite some time, but I've never really gotten around to testing the low light capabilities properly. So here are the videos of me doing so. And to round it all off : here's a still image I took in DNG. Can't...
  5. T

    New IR Super Light For Best Night Flying

    Hello all how has it been going I just returned from spending Thanksgiving with family down in Arizona which was pretty fun. Everything was going fine I had flown down to Phoenix, Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with family & decided to take my H with so I had to buy an expensive hard case for it...
  6. Wim

    Can somebody me explain the 4 video modes?

    Can somebody explain the 4 video modes (natural, saturation, RAW, night)? And, if possible, post (short) examples of videos of this modes, so we can see the differences.

    Typhoon H & Phantom - Low Light Video quick test

    I often wondered how the Typhoon H and Phantom would perform in pretty much total darkness (3 hours after sunset). Most of us will fly in the evening and point the camera at the setting sun to film, but what if you point the camera in the opposite direction... how much image noise do you get...