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New IR Super Light For Best Night Flying

Oct 3, 2016
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Hello all how has it been going I just returned from spending Thanksgiving with family down in Arizona which was pretty fun. Everything was going fine I had flown down to Phoenix, Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with family & decided to take my H with so I had to buy an expensive hard case for it from MC-Cases which is highly recommended to anyone that is looking for a nice case with as much room as possible in it all without exceeding the Maximum dimensions allowed for a checked bag on airlines. The case made by MC-Cases for the Typhoon H is all professionally water jet cut out dense foam, there is enough room inside of it to fit the H with or without removing the blades then it also has a hidden door like compartment directly under where the H sits & in that compartment you can store upto 4 batteries, The Stock Yuneec Charger with its wires or just for whatever else you'd like to put under there. The case also has a compartment underneath the foam that holds the ST16 where there is a special specific cut out for the Cam & Gimbal for when traveling longer distances so its not just hanging on the bottom of the H although if you did want to leave it mounted it features a special piece of Egg Carton looking foam that is placed right where the camera's bottom most area is so that it will not wiggle around only being supported by the H itself. Then there is quite a large rectangular cutout for anything else your wanting to store like a nicer Lipo charger etc. it measures about 10.5" X 8" and 5" deep. Anyway, I also bought some filters from PolarPro to try out down there & they worked perfectly. long story short I was able to fly quite a bit but then on the 2nd to last day i was there I had left my Micro SD card in my laptop & left my laptop in a room that my aunt has kids play in while she babysits & although I had no issue leaving it in the same spot as any time before this, I had found out that one of them did something to result in me losing my Micro SD card that contained all my recordings so yes, unfortunately I no longer have those recordings.

I wanted to show you all this new IR Light that I found that will make night flying for anyone very easy, although IR light is not visible to the Human Eye we will be able to see it just fine via our ST16 screen or if anyone has any FPV goggles or any other similar setup. But we first need to find out what m12 Lense we can find and buy for relatively cheap that has to be IR sensitive so the light will indeed work for us. Here is the light & Ill provide the link just in case as well.

So please if any of you know of an IR Sensitive M12 Lense that has a decent resolution please post it in this thread for all to see thanks Tom C.


CJLTech IR4+ Night Flyer Module [VIDEO] – Rotor Drone


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May 1, 2016
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N. California
IR aircraft lighting is typically used on aircraft that are used in a war time environment where people using night vision devices and IR capable imagery systems are the only ones that can see it. The reason for using IR is to enable running a "dark" aircraft to prevent it being seen by an opposing force. Since civil aircraft operating at night in civilian environments are supposed to, or should be equipped with visible navigation and position lighting I do not see a valid reason to put money and effort into an IR lighting system for a toy multirotor as well as the equipment necessary for the operator to see that type of lighting. But that's just me.
Jul 25, 2016
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I hear many times where someone has lost their files on the SD card. I had been in the IT industry for many years. There is a Data Card Recovery program I used that has save many individuals day, and in some cases careers. It work very well. It is simply called CardRecovery and can be purchased at Memory Card Recovery Software to Recover Lost Photos - CardRecovery. An excellent tool to keep in your box. Before giving up on your lost video or pictures, please try this program.
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