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no fly zone

  1. M

    No Fly Zone Update Problem

    Hey, all! I searched, but couldn't find an answer, so here's my situation for you gurus to ponder... As a Part 107 pilot, I needed to disable the NFZ restriction in my Typhoon H, so I downloaded the NFZ files and GUI to use on Windows 10. The GUI successfully connects and displays all the...
  2. P

    Confused about the limitations of no fly zones

    I'm using the hover app on my android phone and earlier today I got a caution that said "No fly zone" I was in the City of Sacramento Ca and in the airspace of Sacramento Executive Airport. I should mention that when I pulled into my location there was a Sac PD parked there and I asked them if...
  3. ThunderChicken

    Does anybody know how to do a power up testing in a no fly zone

    There are times when I need to test landing gear and other functions where I live. It is a definite no fly zone because the glide slope for the airport is within 100 feet of my house. I'm an not talking about flying, just bench testing. Any help will be appreciated.