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  1. ShawnIde

    Comparison - Yuneec Typhoon H vs The new H+ (Plus)

    Hey guys... I made a video on the physical differences between the Yuneec Typhoon H and New H+ (Plus)... What do you think?
  2. DroneCalzone

    Orbit/Follow Me/other intelligent flight modes

    I've heard rumors that "on this or that drone fair" someone "saw for sure" that the H520 had the intelligent flight modes. Anyone else heard about it? I certainly don't have them. Perhaps they are available only in the US firmware? (I don't think so though). Most likely that's bogus, because...
  3. Joneshd3488

    Orbit Mode

    OK, so I've searched for an answer numerous times and don't seem to find: I've tried Orbit Mode a few times and the default speed is waaaay too fast for my taste. And, I tried bumping the left stick back to slow the speed as someone has posted about doing in CCC Mode. But, no luck. Anyone...