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  1. Nobel Drones


    Hi guys I wanted to know how much extra space I have on the st16 for pictures videos etc. Any extra stuff that I have on the PAD. Thank You
  2. domdeg

    Which Drone Landing Pad Should I Choose??

    Beyond sizes and material, which design would be the best for my drone landing pad? And should it be in another color combo than black and yellow? Pad A: Pad B: Pad C: Thanks so much for your thoughts on this. I am new to drone flying so I don't have a clue :)
  3. CzarMark

    Landing Precision

    While waiting for the return of my Breeze for warranty repairs, I decided to make a landing pad. I had some 1/4" acrylic that I wasn't using, so I made (2) 24" diameter landing pads (one is intended for a friend). The first pad I painted Candy Apple Red with a White circle and White H. The...
  4. D

    Where I can buy protective feet for my Breeze Drone?

    I fly my breeze drone in Arizona where the terrain is rough and the landings are hard. The feet of my drone are getting beat up too. Does anyone know where I can buy protective seat covers for my Breeze drone?
  5. P

    Setting the Clock to local daylight savings time?

    I have not found the procedure in the manual to set my ST16 clock to my local time zone (Eastern Daylight savings). I have tried selecting an East Coast city (NYC) but the GMT - 4 hrs is incorrect (for this time of year), and displays the local time as an hour earlier than it really is. Also...