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    Mounting the CGO3+ Pro to something and get pan/tilt from the controller (st16)

    I want to mount the Gimbal and Camera to a camera dolly, It has power and works to stabilize. Using Pins for power. Pins labeled TX and PWN are not connected (should they be?) and I want to use an ST16 to control the pan/tilt of the gimbal. I have tried ALOT of ways, but pan and tilt ONLY work...
  2. S

    Fixed CGO3+ mount, attached... no pan or tilt!

    Hey gang, I was super excited to fly my drone in Compton today after receiving my replacement mount last night. But now that she's airborne, my pan & tilt abilities aren't working. However, once airborne, at least the fixed camera (VS slight pan to correct itself and look forward) ability is...
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    Light Crash, Camera Wire Broke, Fixed but no Tilt or Pan

    I'm new to this forum and am struggling to find a previously posted thread with this back story but I'm further along now ( will be sure to subscribe to this one). I find the drone a bit difficult to land. I was landing on a picnic table and rolled off. Broke the Gimbal clips and I broke the...
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    Typhoon, Camera Diagnostic

    I'm new... Is there a way to do a diagnostic on the camera? I've found this thing does not land like a helicopter. In fact, it doesn't really like landing at all... I was doing ok but then tried to land on a picnic table not thinking. It rolled off the table. I broke a few of those gimbal...