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Light Crash, Camera Wire Broke, Fixed but no Tilt or Pan

Jul 7, 2016
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I'm new to this forum and am struggling to find a previously posted thread with this back story but I'm further along now ( will be sure to subscribe to this one).

I find the drone a bit difficult to land. I was landing on a picnic table and rolled off. Broke the Gimbal clips and I broke the black wire which I reconnected BUT I cannot pan or tilt. The camera is executing composition pans when turning so the motor but be good. I have not seen any tilt but it does lock in place on start up. Questions:

1. Any thoughts?
2. I took off the rectangular plate on the top portion of the gimbal bracket, all looks good. I took off the little '2 small screw bridge clip' that seem to magnetically hold in a cylindrical item where all the wires go. Can I pull that out? Resistance was reasonable so I backed off.
3. Any thoughts on diagnostics? Should I load the GUI mode thing (haven't tried that).
4. Does any one know what wire colors do what?

I would appreciate any suggestions.

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So I took it apart again with the intent of going deeper into the camera guts. I notice the white wire looked real thin. Turns out it it broke inside the casing and then the casing stretched. I replaced that wire and now all is functioning correctly except for forward calibration.

I apparently moved the forward center position. I took off the 'bridge clip' and then I went one step further and took out the 4 larger screws that were 'further down toward the camera' I guess you could say. I must have clocked that 90 degrees when I was messing with it. I clocked it back but I'm clearly off by about 10 degrees still. Maybe the cylinder under the 'bridge clip' defines forward?

Is it possible to calibrate forward?

NOTE: The white wire must control the tilt and pan motors since they were the source of the problem. It may be both white and black but white for sure.
I did a GPS, Accelerometer and Gimbal Calibration, didn't fix the center. I will post something specific for that. I think the primary issue of this thread is solved.
The trick to landing is to HOLD FULL DOWN until the motors idle.
When you go to land, it has to be a commitment, I can get her about 1 inch off the ground then full down stick, it will land like a dream. I can usually get with in an inch or two of my take off point. I will take off land from the roof of my van when I am out and about, and that is dodging the Ham radio antennas on the roof as well.
For your camera, I can not say, possibly something moved throwing it out of balance?
Yeah, I'm getting better at the landing. It's just different than a non-GPS craft. Not worse just different. Camera wise, I think I'm sending it in to be repaired unfortunately. I can't get data on what is causing this to repair myself.
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Depends on if it was a malfunction that caused the crash. Yuneec has great customer service. Give them a call.
I agree, send it in. Even if it costs you a few $$$, at least they can get it perfect for you again. I actually had to send mine in due to a bad crash. I could have tinkered with it but probably would never get it right. For future reference, until you are very comfortable landing, do it on the ground, preferably soft grass. Not an elevated platform where the potential to fall and break is there. But you've probably figured this out. Good luck.

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