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panorama 360 public sharing

  1. G

    360 double layer pano

    Yesterday morning. Finally some sun! Facebook
  2. S

    Once you stitch together a Panorama...How do you put it on a website?

    i KNOW how to get it to Facebook. I want to know how to put it in a file format that will work 360 degree circular panorama.... I use WIX as my hosting company. Also...Looking fo an easy to learn Video and still photo editor on a Mac. Don't tell me about Adobe PS etc.. Too difficult for me to...
  3. Chris McMillan

    Uploading panorama 360's for public sharing

    Hi, I've been taking some great 360 deg shots with the dbl layer panorama setting on the H. I'd like to share with people but having trouble. It seems you need to have a website to do it, and I'm not sure I want to go down that road! Has anyone managed to find a simple way to get them out there...