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  1. D

    Picture samples requested - 360 panorama

    Hi all, I want to buy a breeze 4k to do 360 panorama like this (Google Maps) but from the horizon to all the way down. Before I do my purchase, could someone share somes pictures taken all around from motionless breeze 4k, same from 45° down and 90° down? Even if it's a video, I'll deal with it...
  2. M

    Panorama mode does nothing at all!!

    Hi all, Ok, been progressing through the learning process. I can fly now, even at night! Now learning about the camera mechanics, gimbal, settings etc. So today I decided to learn about the panorama mode. I did a gimbal calibration, selected still camera, selected panorama mode, selected...

    VIDEO Camera Features - Histogram, Burst, Timelapse, Panoramic, Exposure, File Format

    I had to time play with the new camera settings on Sunday and put together this video showing all the new camera features on the Typhoon H.