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  1. The Frozen Photog

    Pelican migration on the St. Louis River

    Here's my annual trip to the St. Louis River in Duluth, MN to capture the migrating American White Pelicans.
  2. Jhen19

    Cases for the H

    Has anyone else improvised with their case situation? My Typhoon came in the box, so I really wanted to get my investment into something a bit more robust. I revived an old Pelican 1650, cut the foam accordingly (removed some from the top too, due to clearance issues), and saved the hard foam...
  3. Haydn

    New case trial....

    Ok so I scored a second hand Pelican 1640 for US$140 delivered. Thought I would do a trial of a ready to fly props on configuration. I am thinking of putting the legs in the up position. ## Edit ## haha:D I just realised that the legs up position could mean what my photo had in it... I was...