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    Is the Typhoon H480 a good Christmas present?

    I say it is the best value in its price range and class considering it is a hexa. However, according to the linked guide below based on new models and accessories for 2017, the DJI MP and P4 are the top two, with the Yuneec H520 being #3 in the $500-2000 range. The H520 has no camera, so...

    Using the Yuneec ST16 with my Phantom..... Really!

    See photo. In the photo you can see I'm running the DJI GO app on the Yuneec ST16 Controller. The video feed from the Phantom is looking directly at the Typhoon. So if ever I go flying with the Typhoon and the Phantom, I only need to bring one Tablet (the ST16 can do double duty). Pretty...
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    WIN DRONE DJI PHANTOM 4 + GOPRO [giveaway]

    WIN GOPRO HERO 4 AND DRONE DJI PHANTOM 4 (jackpot:2000$) New contest "sybrillo" where you can win a gopro hero 4 and a drone dji 4 phantom. Click the link to participate:https://wn.nr/h4zPLU still 2 days (no spam)