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  1. JulesTEO

    Finally got a PixAero 3.77 replacement lens

    Not a new topic by far, but still I wanted to share with you that I finally decided to upgrade to the PixAero 3.77mm lens. I was a bit reluctant because I had to purchase directly from the manufacturer in Russia (and Mexican postal service leaves a lot to be desired). However, everything went...
  2. Rubik

    Alki Point Lighthouse - Seattle - 4K - Typhoon H - pixAero 6mm

  3. C

    PixAero Lens Upgrade

    Has anyone done the lens upgrade on the newer style of CGO3+ lens. Mine has the fixed lens that is glued to the sensor board. I understand that i will need to remove this and use the screw adapter that the Pixaero comes with, but unsure as to how to remove the stock lens. Any help or photos of...