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  1. C

    How to update H Pro RS with latest EU Firmware into latest US (Standard) Firmwarewa

    I am a newbie and bought my secondhand H pro RS a few days ago. I live in Europe, so I have the EU software. Now I want to update the controller and camera using the US software because of the extended range of the video connection. Any suggestion welcome!
  2. M

    Selling my H Pro RS

    Hi all, Well, for a while now I have being feeling more and more uncomfortable with the unwanted attention that my H regularly attracts and it has reached the stage where I am considering selling my H. It is a complete kit in a brand new (3 week old) Yuneec backpack. It comes with 4 Yuneec...
  3. S

    Typhoon H Pro Becomes Unstable at 14.3V

    Hello all, I just bought my Typhoon H Pro kit a little under a month ago from best buy. First and foremost i LOVE this drone. My first drone ever and I no doubt made the right choice after many months of research. It pains me to post about this not even a month after purchase but I need help...
  4. M

    is my H using ultrasonic or real-sense OA

    Evening all, How can I tell if real-sense is actually operating. I know there is an icon on the screen but short of flying it at a tree how can I tell??