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  1. N

    Can a Typhoon H Prop be used on Typhoon H+

    Can the TH props can be used on THP? Please let me know. TIA.
  2. Breizhdrone

    Tornado H920 & H920+ and quick-release for propellers ?

    Hello, Do you have a feedback on the new Yuneec quick release fasteners for Tornado H920 & H920 Plus carbon propellers ? It must be said that it is held by plastic ! According to some, there would have been losses of propellers on flight, and some crashes with. Be careful, to hear the click...
  3. R

    Typhoon H accessories for sale

    I have some Typhoon H accessories I'm trying to sell. If you are interested, let me know. Battery and charger - $175 Wizard Wand - $125 Extra props 6 a and 5 b - $20 (Plus shipping) [email protected]
  4. JaysJob

    YUNEEC 5 New Propellers Typhoon Q500 4K $20

    5 New propellers but I don't have the box. Bought these as emergency extras. Had a Typhoon Q500 4K but now fly a different drone. Includes 3 A and 2 B props and set of 4 rubber rings. $20 plus shipping. PayPal only. Shipping USA contiguous states only.
  5. SkyVidTek

    SOLD! Q500 Prop Balancing Rod

    This is a prop balancing rod specifically for the props on the Yuneec Q500 series quads. It has LH and RH thread on opposite ends and can be used with different balancing systems. I found the Q500 props to be very well balanced from the factory, but a couple needed just a very small piece of...
  6. Joneshd3488

    Prop Balancing for the H

    I'm sure all you longtimers know the value of prop balancing, so I'll direct this primarily to the lesser experienced to our sport/hobby. I myself go back to the very early days of analog RC, even late 60's so prop balancing is not only good, but essential to performance and the life of our very...
  7. Chris McMillan

    Balancing props on the Typhoon H

    As we while away the, er, weeks, has anyone thought about how we go about balancing the props on the latest model. It clearly has "clip on" props, so they're different from regular ones that we're used to. Maybe they'll have a special rod that fits in, the same way as the prop mount... Any thoughts?