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q500 +

  1. Q500 CGO2+ Failed to take a snapshot

    Q500 CGO2+ Failed to take a snapshot

    what does 'Failed to take a snapshot' mean?
  2. mattyd58

    CGO2 Camera Parts

    Hello, I'm in need of the screw-on weight that goes on rear of CGO2 camera (see attached photo). Any one have one available for sale or info as to where I can purchase this part? Any/all suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Ivreo

    For sale: Q500 Plus (almost new)

    I am selling Q500 + with accessories. It has very little use, it will not reach the 4 hour flight. I have long since got the Q500 + and the Typhoon and although I only use the Typhoon H, I did not decide to sell the Typhon Q500 + The pack includes: - 2 LiPo batteries - 12 propellers - Invoice...