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q500 g

  1. A

    Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G (GoPro Version) Carry Case?

    Hello everyone. I've only had my drone for a few days now. I absolutely love it! I've never owned a large outdoor craft before. I've had a couple of indoor heli's and drones but never anything on this scale. I must say, it was an absolute dream to put together and fly for the first time. Its...
  2. M

    My q500 g sank... but it still flies!

    This past weekend I had an incident where my q500 g had a crashed into a dock, and it flipped over and went underwater, about 9 feet down. The copter remained powered on while I dove in and retrieved it (in about 50 degree water, 40 degree air, brrrrrrrr). It was making the "flatline" sound...
  3. sibelius

    Capabilities of the Q500 G

    Has it ever been formally announced what capabilities you will have with the G? Through the transmitter, can you start/stop video? Change camera settings? Switch from video to photo? Will we be able to swap between the GoPro and CGO3 gimbals on the same Q500?