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radio control

  1. A

    Can I change ST16 channels to another ones ?

    Hello, I have to change ST16's channels 1-3 to higher, because I have custom setup with thermal camera and the thermal camera uses same frequence (2,4GHz, channel 1) than Typhoon H (2,4GHz). So, I have to change ST16's 1-3 channels to another ones, because if the thermal camera uses channel 1...
  2. Willyib

    New to forum, old to rc aircraft

    Hey gang, What a great sport huh? This is my second drone and absolutely the best. The Typhoon H with Realsense is amazing and it's going to be tons of fun! I have been flying radio controlled for 30 years and am also a home built pilot. My first helicopter (Sport 500) was a disaster and I had...